Mr Brady is able to offer major, day case and local anesthetic surgical procedures.

Mr Brady offers the following surgical procedures and interventions:

  • Hysterectomy (Keyhole Surgery/laparoscopic if suitable) with or without the removal of the ovaries.
  • Removal of ovaries and tubes (usually key hole) for risk reducing surgery for ovarian cancer.
  • Keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) for both diagnosis and treatment of a number of gynaecological treatments including fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and pelvic infection.
  • Hysteroscopy, under both local and general anaesthetic.
  • A coil fitting and removal service.
  • Colposcopy procedures.
  • Vulvoscopy procedures.
  • Novasure’ ablation for heavy periods.
  • Vulval and vaginal operations for conditions such as VIN and Bartholin’s Cysts.
  • Labial reduction surgery.

  • Perineal re-fashioning (usually Modified Fenton’s Procedure).

Some operations maybe more complex and maybe better suited to being performed as a private patient in an NHS hospital, as has better access to ITU and additional specialists.


Executive Consultancy
Cervical Screening & Colposcopy
HPV Vaccination
Pre & Post Pregnancy

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