Mr. Brady offers a comprehensive service in reviewing patients with gynaecological complaints. His areas of expertise include:

• Cervical smear tests and colposcopy (see dedicated area)
• Gynaecological cancers
• Screening for ovarian cancer
• Heavy periods and abnormal uterine bleeding
• Painful periods
• Bleeding in between periods and after intercourse
• Pelvic pain during and after intercourse
• Vulval skin complaints
• Vulval pain
• Menopause and related issues, e.g. hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
• Endometriosis
• Pelvic infections
• Ovarian cysts
• Fibroids
• Contraception, including a coil fitting service
• Psychological aspects of gynaecology
• Labial and vulval re-fashioning

Some patients may require the help of other types of Specialists. Mr. Brady has extensive contacts in London, Oxford and Cambridge. Onward referral can be arranged if required.

Specialist physiotherapy, if required, can be arranged.

Please note that Mr. Brady does not routinely care for patients with prolapse and urogynaecology complaints. He is however happy to provide an initial review, or if these symptoms become apparent during treatment for other conditions, provide an onward referral.


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