Cervical Screening & Smear Tests

This is one of the most important screening tests a woman can have. It aims to identify early changes on the cervix. These can usually be easily treated to reduce the likelihood of a cervical cancer developing in the future.

Mr. Brady is pleased to offer the very latest advances in cervical screening choices for women, as well as traditional cytological screening. He acts as Gynaecology Clinical Director for GynaeCheck. This offers women the choice of initial HPV self-testing in the privacy of their own home.

Some women will have test results that suggest an abnormality that needs a more detailed examination of the cervix. This is called a colposcopy.

Mr Brady uses state of the art DYSIS digital specrtroscopic colposcopy. This is recognised as world leading technology, and is associated with a much higher accuracy of diagnosis of any potential cervical abnormalities.


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